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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Daily Puzzle

In January I joined the 2010 Three Creative Studios Challenge. The first theme was the word PUZZLE.
Now what to do.I started thinking about all of the roles we play on a daily basis and how do we choose what to be. We play so many roles, some of them not our own choosing, they just come along.
Using the same profile I tried to represent two ways of being, two contrasting roles, hoping that we won't lose who we really are in the process.

detail one
detail two

This has been much fun and stretched me a little. It was an opportune time to go in another direction and play. A quilt with a message, I think that will be my overall ambition in this process.There will be a theme to work on every two months and it will be fun to see what comes next. You can see all entries at

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