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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My how time flies?

Once again I have pulled out my SAVIN' EARTH piece. I think that this time I will finish it, it's only been three years. As you can see the writing is done on the inside and a lot more quilting needs to be done in the borders. Then the ruffling on the edges will disappear.
It's my statement on being kind to the earth. I was watching the Live Earth Concert when this whole idea popped into my head. During my daily walks I brought home leaves of all shapes and sizes to be drawn into patterns amazed at the variety just down my little road. The world is pieced ( a miracle in my book) and I then used a freezer paper stencil to make the copper tree and the SOS on the top and the bottom.Now to finish what's left and bind it. Won't it feel good when I'm done.
Also this week my donation for the small quilt fund raiser had to go to S.A.Q.A.Members are invited to make a 12 inch square which is then raffled to raise funds for the organization. I think that being a member has really opened things up for me, the pool of expertise is amazing. there are opportunities to have your work shown and the resources available are the best. You can check out their amazing websiteby clicking here.

My piece is called Breaking Free as I have been experimenting with new techniques and approaches to my work. Raw edges were used in the front and fibre and beads are spilling out through the hole.!

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