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Friday, July 10, 2015

Big Changes

Wow! It has been a long time since I have posted and there has been a lot that has happened in my life. Before I explain all that I just want to mention that it feels good to be back. I hesitated for awhile , but taking a Crafts as a Business from Margot Miller at St.Lawrence College really kick started my desire to move forward.The whole class was lovely and supportive.

I have had to relearn a few things such as getting familiar with my camera once again, working with new mediums, relearning how to blog and how set up a new website.

Now for my story.
Five years ago my dear husband (DH) was diagnosed with colon cancer. We hit it running and he had his surgery.Recovery was quick for him but then the doctors discovered that he had lung cancer. Another surgery and a longer recovery and things went well for a about six months. Another test and a spot was found on his liver as well as more lung cancer. Then came a summer of radiation treatments with chemo. Five days a week for two months. Another hiatus for about six months and then he has a massive heart attack which could not be operated on because there was another tumour growing rapidly, more chemo and things didn't go too well. We were very fortunate that he was able to stay at home till the end and he passed away on May 19, 2014.

 At the same time, probably because of all the stress I became allergic to fibre and I cannot knit or sew anymore. Now what! I lost both my husband and my passion at the same time. It took me a few moths to process all that and make a plan for my future. I decided to move to Brockville to be closer to my family and that whole process took me until Christmas of last year. Everyone was fabulous, my family and friends really came through for me. My son says that I am now in the Cathy 6.0 part of my life.

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whispers Project

This past weekend a group of us went to a Loose Threads Retreat in the lovely Gananaque Inn and Spa in Gananoque. Last year was the first time for us in this lovely location. We enjoy great food( 6 meals) friendly helpful staff, lovely rooms, a table each in a well lit room with a view of the St.Lawrence River.We decided a year ago to participate in a Whisper's Project.

Now you ask , what is a Whisper's Project? Let me explain.The first person on the list of interested participants chooses a pic ( which can be anything they like) as a source of inspiration for a small wall quilt, about 9 in. x 11 in. Then this finished piece is sent to the next person on the list. #2 person looks at the first piece, becomes inspired and completes a second piece. You may want to interpret the design, the lines, the colours or the technique that is in the piece that you recieve, it is totally up to the recipient. Then person #2 keeps piece #1 and sends her piece(#2) on to person #3. Person #3 interprets piece #2 and sends it on to person #4 keeping the piece she recieved to bring to the next retreat. Each person only sees the project from the person who is behind them on the list, no one ever sees more than one.

You can imagine the excitement at the unveiling at the Inn last Friday evening.The following pics are the results of our Whisper's project, starting at #1.
























Isn"t it amazing to see how the work changes from one person to the next.

Thanks to everyone for participating through the year.

This is a fabulous result.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finding Joy Once Again

This month the creative juices keep on flowing helped in part by the fact that I can't go out in this blazing heat (asthma). This idea started a couple of years ago when I started to silk screen my own fabrics. Below are a couple of examples of the craft glue technique. You make a design with clear craft glue on the screen and let it dry a few weks, then as you print the design slowly disintegrates giving lots of variation.

 I had also experimented with Shiva sticks and stencils.Below is a madonna face ( one of my favourite subjects) painted with this stencilling technique.

 Because the silk screen fabric pieces were realtively small - 12 in x 10 in.- the design need to be
altered for me to use these pieces.

Pretty happy with this result. Here the design has been fused together. When I stepped back to have a good look, an overwhelming feeling of joy came over me. It is more beautifull than I ever expected.
It's been a long time since I have beent here with my work.

Again, my background was a little too narrow so a piece was added to the left, the fabric was a bit strong so I covered it with white silk organza, voila, perfection.

Now to add the stitching, mostly a narrow satin stitch and a little free motion. Have to be carefull not to add too much.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Retreat 2012

November 2,3,&4, 2012

Once again the three of us are planning another exciting, lovely,creative weekend in Gananoque.
It is the only teaching that I have kept mainly because it is a great weekend with great people.
WE play,  WE laugh,  WE share,  We sew, We chill

This year we are continuing to explore natural elements with fibre focusing on a daisy design.
: learn to shade projects with thread and free motion.
play with sketching before you hit the machine
learn how to make thread choices  

: use these techniques to embellish a garment
make your art wearable
learn to prep store bought clothing for embellishment
 how to use freezer paper for transfer to fabric

 : make felted buttons and embellishments
  to wet felt

Once again Eric Simkins will be on hand to service your machine and teach us to care for our babies( sewing machines)

All this happens at the.

Click  on the link above to check it out.The views are fab, the food is better than fine and the accommodation is heavenly. Our workroom has a view of the river.

Class size is limited to 20.
Single room is $544
Double room is $456
Spa services are available.

For more information email:
Cathy :
Pat :
Wendo :

To register:
call Pat at  613-925-3987

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a Book Can Do

 This past year has been a trying one with family and personal  health issues. Somehow through this crazy time  I lost my creative edge. I have sewn pieces that were already planned but never got back the joy that I used to feel when I really became immersed in my creative process.

Then in Guelph when I was picking up my show from the Guelph Quiltery and Gallery, I found an amazing book at the checkout table. On the way home I read this book from cover to cover and could't wait to go home to try these techniques.

"Quilting Line +Colour"
Techniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts
by Yoshiko Jinzenji 

This was the first piece designed. Although it looks simple, the piecing was a challenge mostly because the long thin strips were inserted into the seams. It is called "White Space" because the white space is what provides the impact.

detail one
detail two

 Now to play with some other ideas that came from the book.
study #1

Now that  I have found my groove once again who knows what will happen next. Thank you Yoshiko.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Working in 24 in. x 20 in.

   Two new pieces to be entered into the Synthesis II show for SAQA.
Newton's Law

Detail: ruffles caught in the curved piecing.

Finding the Light

Detail: hand beading

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Next Show

Last Friday Elaine and I spent the afternoon hanging our show at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, in Almonte.

We invited out friends Helga and Neera to give help us with their eyes, muscles and brains.

First all of the work was placed on a drop sheet to see which pieces would work together.

We were pretty happy with the fact that the walls were mobile, we were able to set one up and then move it around.

 It was fun to see which of our pieces could hang out.
 Moving things back seemed to work.

Helga making sure that the lighting was perfect.

The old wall of the mill are also an excellent backdrop for some of our pieces.

Please come and see our show " Naturessence"  at The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.
It will be there from September 21st, 2011 -  until December 11th, 2011


You are also invited to the vernissage on Sunday October 2cnd at 2 p.m.