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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whispers Project

This past weekend a group of us went to a Loose Threads Retreat in the lovely Gananaque Inn and Spa in Gananoque. Last year was the first time for us in this lovely location. We enjoy great food( 6 meals) friendly helpful staff, lovely rooms, a table each in a well lit room with a view of the St.Lawrence River.We decided a year ago to participate in a Whisper's Project.

Now you ask , what is a Whisper's Project? Let me explain.The first person on the list of interested participants chooses a pic ( which can be anything they like) as a source of inspiration for a small wall quilt, about 9 in. x 11 in. Then this finished piece is sent to the next person on the list. #2 person looks at the first piece, becomes inspired and completes a second piece. You may want to interpret the design, the lines, the colours or the technique that is in the piece that you recieve, it is totally up to the recipient. Then person #2 keeps piece #1 and sends her piece(#2) on to person #3. Person #3 interprets piece #2 and sends it on to person #4 keeping the piece she recieved to bring to the next retreat. Each person only sees the project from the person who is behind them on the list, no one ever sees more than one.

You can imagine the excitement at the unveiling at the Inn last Friday evening.The following pics are the results of our Whisper's project, starting at #1.
























Isn"t it amazing to see how the work changes from one person to the next.

Thanks to everyone for participating through the year.

This is a fabulous result.

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