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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a Book Can Do

 This past year has been a trying one with family and personal  health issues. Somehow through this crazy time  I lost my creative edge. I have sewn pieces that were already planned but never got back the joy that I used to feel when I really became immersed in my creative process.

Then in Guelph when I was picking up my show from the Guelph Quiltery and Gallery, I found an amazing book at the checkout table. On the way home I read this book from cover to cover and could't wait to go home to try these techniques.

"Quilting Line +Colour"
Techniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts
by Yoshiko Jinzenji 

This was the first piece designed. Although it looks simple, the piecing was a challenge mostly because the long thin strips were inserted into the seams. It is called "White Space" because the white space is what provides the impact.

detail one
detail two

 Now to play with some other ideas that came from the book.
study #1

Now that  I have found my groove once again who knows what will happen next. Thank you Yoshiko.

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