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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Classes coming up.

In getting ready for our guild meeting this a.m. I thought that it would be fine to post my classes here.They are very open ended and I arrange date and time with the students of each group. Classes are booked one a week from April to the end of November. I am a woossy driver and don't think that others should suffer like I did. Too many years of white knuckle drives to school when you couldn't see past your nose driving in the snow.
Below is my ever popular Three Daisy Class. Great for beginners and those with advanced sewing skills. Can be done with free motion , a small zigzag stitch of a satin stitch. It's up to you.
The Tapestry piece is a large quilt, not too hard but lots of work due to it's size. The best way to get a bang for your buck is to have four half day sessions with time off in between for homework.
My latest way of using up scraps has been described in a previous post. "Scrapworks" includes book covers and jewelry in one day. All the projects start out the same way.
My little cat of course. You design your own background and the rest is like paint by number. Again the project can be free motioned or satin stitched or zigzag stitched.
Due to economic times my prices are on a sliding scale.The more who come up to 6 the cheaper it is per person. From 1 student =$50 to 6 students = $25 each.
For me it's not so much about the money as sharing what I learn.Plus if they come here , I don't have to drive.( what a selfish reason is that?)

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