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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another week

Another week of playing , making work and entering pieces into the jury process. Once I get the hang of getting my pics ready for certain specifications I might as do a whole bunch. After a few months pass I usually have to learn this process all over again. My pics are much better since David taught me how to shoot them, the colour is more true to the piece. Below is a closeup of the "Water Brings Life" piece to show you how the bobbin work looks. I love the instant shot of colour you get with these Wonderfil threads. I do love them.
Then last summer some quilting friends dropped by from Manitoba and Saskatchewan and left me some fab fibre jewelry.Playing with this idea led me in this direction. Judy Morningstar made the fab turquoise piece and that was our jumping off point.
A closeup of the circle piece. I used a wash away stabilizer to make the machine lace on the inside of the circle. Much fun.

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