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Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's summer and it's time to bring out some unfinished things. Last year when I was watching the Live Earth Concert I drew up this design for a Savin' Earth Quilt( I stole this name from the licence plate that my brother Peter has on his hybrid car). I was pretty proud of myself because I actually pieced the circle that represents earth. Then I had fun stencilling on a copper tree.More to come.

One rainy day last week and there have been many, I noticed my little friends across the road. This needed a pic and will probably turn into another cow piece. Love those rain drops on the fence. How will I ever do that???
The top half of my bed quilt is now pieced. No more randomness for me as the next 6 blocks have to work in this design. Who said that random was easy!!!

Again, more to come.

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