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Sunday, July 13, 2008


A few years ago I took a workshop with Marilyn Stewart-Stothers at A C.Q.A Conference in which we stretched our work over a wooden frame. I loved the finished effect as it presented the work like a piece of art. My husband adjusted this technique to make it sturdier as I was wanting to do bigger pieces. Below is one of the results. "# 56 With Attitude" which is now in a private collection.
Making a Frame Tutorial

1.My husband uses 1 in.x 2 in solid pine to make the frames.
2. He cuts them so that the outside measurement is the one that I want. Do not mitre the corners as this weakens it.
4. He then glues and clamps the pieces and has them dry overnight.
5.Then ends are then nailed with a nail gun.
6. If the piece is large like one of my Madonnas he will put an extra brace in the center.

The nails are quite long and go through. Two or three will do.

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