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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Here it is Canada Day and I realize that half of the year is now over. My spring classes are finished and I had a great time meeting new people and freeing them to follow their own hearts and work on their own ideas.

Now it is time to reflect on me.
Now it is time to finish a few of my projects.

Below is our bed quilt which I made about 15 years ago. The design came from a Kaffe Fasset Book ( he is coming to Perth, go figure!!!!) and I loved putting it together. Not knowing too much about quilting at the time ,I used a muslin for the whites ,which is now disintegrating before my eyes. Also I used a cotton thread on the top of my machine and a poly in the bobbin. Needless to say after 15 years of tugging and pulling the poly thread has cut the cotton thread in many ,many places.Our toes get caught in the threads. Oh how I seem to have to learn the hard way! It's still a pretty quilt and I will probably recycle it by making it into bags.
I have started a new bedquilt. Not wanting to do anything too normal and predictable I decided to participate in our guild block of the month challenge. Sharon, had a brilliant idea, to have everyone make a scrappy block a month which would then end up in a complete top for each of the participants.In this quilt there is a large square where we could do anything that we wanted. I chose four circles. The blocks were put together randomly and now I have the lovely job of making it work somehow. I do love a challenge. Below is the top half of the quilt on my design wall.
A closeup of one section.
Now, because I sit on my butt a lot, when this deal came to the Canadian Tire Store I could not resist. It was $499 on sale, the normal price is $1399. Who could resist saving $900? That is a lot of fabric.
Before I can work at my sewing I spend a little time on this machine. I am now up to 2 minutes at the lowest setting. My goal is to make it to 3o.I do love a challenge.

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