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Friday, June 27, 2008


Hi everyone, here are a few more fun things to try.

Trapping sequins under a sheer fabric.
1. Draw a shape onto a paper backed fusible web such as Wonder Under, say a butterfly wing.
2. Cut out the shape leaving a 1/4 inch border.
3. Cut a smaller hole inside the shape of the wing. This is where you will place your sequins so that they can move under the sheer.
4. Iron the cut out paper backed fusible web to a sheer, watching the temp of your iron and using a teflon sheet or parchment paper under the sheer and under the iron. Sometimes the glue from the fusible web will come through the sheer. You can imagine what kind of a mess this can make, so protect your iron and your ironing board. I still need to buy a new ironing board cover quite often as I forget this step now and then in my hurry to finish something.
5. Take the paper from the sheer, and lay it down on your backgroung.
6.Slip some sequins under the sheer where you have cut away the paperbacked fusible web.
7.Put your teflon sheet or parchment paper on top and iron it down.
8. Free motion around the edges and there you are, a fun and glittery applique.
9.This works really well on wearable art projects.

Cutaway applique.
1. Draw a shape on your background onto which you have placed some kind of stabilizer.
2.Stitch with a very small stitch .15 mm on the line.
3. Cut the inside away leaving the stitching intact.
4.Apply a see through washaway stabilizer to the back and the front of the hole. Pin or baste it in place.
5. Set up for free motion and so across the hole using any design that you may wish making sure to catch the edges. Finish the edges.
6. Stitch to your hearts contenct and when satisfied wash away the stabilizer.

Copying cartoons.
Take any simple line drawing and try to copy it. Don't worry about it being perfect as this is just for fun.The gentleman looks like my husband. He is quite cute.

Taking a fabric and using the shapes from the fabric.
Same as above, also all of these projects can be done on quilt sandwiches. Try them all, and keep your samples for future reference. I also write with a marker on the sample how I set up my machine to get this effect. If you are anything like me, I will forget what I did when I want to achieve the same effect again.
Have fun!!!
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