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Friday, May 30, 2008


First I hope that you can make sense of the pics. This is the best I can do with my present camera, I am on the prowl for a new one.
The yarn that I am putting in this bobbin is 3ply Astra. I tried 4 ply but it was just too thick.

1. Wind the bobbin by hand until it is just full. Clip off the tail as it only gets in the way.
2. Drop in the bobbin case for all machines and bypass the tension. Then pull yarn up through the hole.

3. Stitching from the back try the following.Straight stitch different stitch lengths starting at 3mm.Top row is a plain straight stitch. It has to be fairly long so start with 3 mm. As you increase the stitch legth you increase the width of the row that you are sewing.
Now try an open zigzag stitch, the result you get will be like the bottom row.
4. In the second row above, the zigzag was too narrow and it all bunched up.
5. Free motion works fine as long as your movements are fairly large. If the detail becomes too fine it will bunch up again.

6. A little planning and you can have an interesting effect.
Have fun!!!!
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