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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A few of my friends and I have decided to host a small intimate retreat where we can experiment,laugh,share, push our fibre art boundaries, and learn new things. May I present the teachers. I apologize for putting my project first but this is how they came up when I loaded up the pics. I still have not been able to move them around in this document. Oh well, some day I will learn.

a. Holy Washers with Catharina Breedyk Law
I have been having fun using washers from the hardware store in my work. What is interesting about this technique is that the shadows become as important as the holes. We will make a small sample of this technique.

b. Moose Trophy by Wendo Van Essen
You will be able to make this charming creature when you are at the retreat. A great project for felting virgins.
c.Don't Exaggerate!Embellish! with Pat Lemaire
Explore with Pat fabric manipulation, yarns , beading and wonderful work with threads.

You will also have a chance to play with fabric paints while you are there.

We have chosen a resort on Chaffey's Locks which is part of the Rideau Canal System. I grew up in this area and as a teenager waited tables at Simmon's Resort. Just down the Road is the Opinicon Hotel Resort where we are holding our weekend workshop. Click on the name and you can check it out.It is a wonderful site where we will be staying in cabins in the woods. The dining room has a reputation for great food and the chef has been with them for more than twenty years. We have the largest cabin the Ponderosa to hang out in the evenings,stone fireplace and all. Our meeting room has a ramp so that machines are easily brought in.
If you wish more information you can contact Cathy at

Oh I forgot!
The name of weekend getaway is ART WITH LOOSE THREADS - Oct.3-5,2008

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