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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sheers have always had a certain fascination for me from the first time I took a workshop totally devoted to what we can do with sheers with Carrol Godhue at a CQA Conference in my early days,to burning it away in a class with Anna Hergert, to now playing with Elaine Quehl's fabulous hand dyed silk organza it is a wonderful world.
Below is my challenge piece for our guild show "Quilts on the Tay". We have formed a small group of local fibre enthusiasts who meet every couple of week to explore their craft. One of our members Helga challenged us to interpret Georgia O'Keefe's work in a piece of our own. I had an interesting closeup photo of my peony and this it the result. 
1.First I hand painted the fabric using Seta colour paints.A bit of a stretch since it was January and pretty cold outside, I didn't know if the fabric would dry or freeze. The sun was strong enough to dry the wet fabric and I was happy with the result.
2.I drew a pattern, cut out my inset pieces of white silk organza and proceeded to piece it together using freezer paper. It had to be accurate.
3.Then quilting being careful not to catch the free pieces, finishing with facings,  beading, and a new idea had born fruit.
I had discovered another direction to take which totally satisfied my soul.

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