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Monday, February 21, 2011

After 65

Hi everyone, It's been a busy time.This month I turned 65, quite a milestone I think. For a few months while approaching this date I started to feel old and finished. But after wallowing in self pity for awhile I realized that I could not give up on my dream of having a solo show in Toronto.So onwards we go.

First of all every day I need to take care of my body, especially if I want to do all of this stuff.I have become a high maintenance woman and it has nothing to do with hair, makeup or clothes. I do yoga so I don't get stiff, I go to aqua fit to stay strong without hurting my knees,I meditate so I don't go crazy in my head and I have to eat well which means taking the time to prepare food. Now it is 11 a.m. and I can start to sew.

Since January I have been exploring new and exciting techniques which I will share with you. I have been taking pics of all the steps in my new process so that I can blog about it.More to come as I am not quite finished with this piece.

But the Loose  Threads, Wendo Van Essen,  Pat Lemaire and myself, have been busy preparing for our next Fibre Art Retreat. My offering on this weekend will be everything to do with sheers.Layering,cutting away, burning and trapping are all techniques that I will demonstrate.Our theme is fish and below you will find my sample.The pattern will be in the retreat instructions.

Can you see the holes that were burned on the yellow to create texture?

Fish scales burned in the orange sheer on the pink cotton fabric.

We are holding our retreat at the beautiful Gananoque Inn and Spa  . Check it out, our rooms will be on the water, our work room is at the same level on the water,the food is great, the rooms are fab, and mini spa treatments are available for those who are so inclined.

Pat Lemaire will be covering all things to do with Shiva Sticks and Wendo Van Wesson will be teaching you how to make fabric sculpture. Come and join in on the fun. 
Email me if you would like me information.

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