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Monday, November 1, 2010

Loose Threads Fibre Art Retreat

This last weekend a group of fibre art enthusiast joined the Loose Threads ( Pat Lemaire, Wendo Van Essen ,and Cathy Breedyk Law) for a journey into various fibre techniques. Since we had the whole range of experience from sewing virgins who had never even used a sewing machine to accomplished fibre artists who exhibit their work we needed a fun ice breaker.
We made bracelets out of our left over bits. below are two finished pieces.

Lovely way to use up those glamorous scraps!

Also Eric Simkins from Kingston joined us the train everyone how to take care of their machines. We artist seem to take great license with our babies and they do need tender loving care.
Nancy brought along a wonderful hand appliqued quilt to share. Completion time= 2 years.
Being a rock hound, Nancy interprets them in fibre.
Wendo and Marie creating fibre trees with a wire base.
Helga played with her embellisher and created this fibre piece. Marie found her the perfect backdrop.
Frances a prolific fibre artist explaining her piece. Detail to come later.Maybe tomorrow.
Eleanor tackling free motion the first time at a sewing machine. Pretty brave.
Denise also in her glory making those tree parts come alive. Not too shabby for a first go.
And Barb with her beautiful quilt. Lots of hours and lots of patience.
With no phones and food prepared for us we worked from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Fabulous.It didn't matter to us that it was snowing outside.

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