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Monday, September 20, 2010

Results from summer painting day

Sometimes in the summer there isn't much time for sewing with company, travelling and family commitments. Don't get me wrong I loved this summer. We managed to see everyone from Timmins Ontario, to Chelsea Quebec. There was lots of laughter, card playing, golf and barbeques.
I managed to sneak in a few days of creating in my studio.I pulled out this piece which I had silk screened in a class given by Gilda Rayner.This was quite a departure for me. The only thing that needed to be done was stitching and embellishing. There was no iron on Wonder Undering, very liberating indeed.I quite like the results.

This detail is of a piece that was painted by Suzette McSkimming an artist who makes wonderful paintings. On our fabric painting day this is what she produced, I proceeded to stitch and bead and love the result. This is a great two person project.

Here are the details from a couple of colour washes. Very intreguing this is, I must do more and bigger.

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