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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wallowing in Self Pity

This year I was determined to enter a few competitions and worked very hard to get it done. I was especially keen on entering the C.Q.A. Show as one of the prizes was $10,000 worth of Wonderfil Threads. I love these threads and use them extensively in my work especially in bobbin work. They are beautiful threads and lay down nicely on the fabric.
I got everything ready, sent off my CD and waited only to find out that they were all rejected.Normally I enter and take my chances. But this time I could not understand what had happened. Ten years ago my work was accepted and now !!!!! I just don't understand.

"Water Brings Life" was rejected because the design is too weak.I was so frustrated that I almost cut this up for book covers.
This Madonna was rejected because I placed it in the wrong category.
Doreen's Daisies was also rejected because it was in the wrong category.

Thanks for listening, I just needed to vent.
Oh the life of an artist.No money and no glory. I guess I've been humbled.

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