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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is a new project that I will be developing this month and it should be ready for the next round of classes in my studio.You will be able to make the cat in any colour and use any pieced top pattern to make the background.

new fee schedule
Because of the economic times and the fact that my students have to drive here ,there is a new fee schedule in place for a one day class. person-$50
2. two people-$45 each
3.three people-$40
4.four people-$35
5.five people-$30
6.six people-$25

This applies to booking and payment in advance and patterns and worksheets are included.
You are welcome to book a private appointment for you and your friends to see what I have to offer. I will give you a tour of my studio and I do make pretty great tea. No goodies right now as it is too soon after Christmas.

I am now taking bookings from April to November, 2010, and I will be teaching one day per week. Hope you can come.

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