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Monday, January 4, 2010

Playing with sheers and a present for you.


This time of year always starts for me not with resolutions but plans to try something new. I vow to set up a mailing list and keep everyone in the loop.

1.There will be some new projects and classes will start again here in my studio starting in April. 2.Also there will be a sliding scale for classes. The larger the group,the cheaper the price for the individual. More to come.
3.The little bear pattern below will be sent to anyone who wants to be on my mailing list. Send me a quick email and it will be done. No charge.

Little Bear Pattern

Above is a new quilt which is now hanging in my bedroom. I used some of Elaine Quehl's hand dyed silks as appliques and then had lots of fun playing with different techniques. There have been some requests to run this as a class and if there is enough interest we could certainly set that up.

Resolution( I wasn't going to do this) to post more often.

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