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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


TUTORIAL: How to mount a piece on a wooden frame. After taking a class with Marilyn Stewart-Stothers at a CQA Conference I fell in love with this method of presenting my work. It really does look like a piece of art when you are finished and it is really fun to wrap the design around to the sides.
Now that the summer festivities are winding down and I have learned to take closeups with my new camera ,I am ready to share with you how I mount my work. If you need more info, just contact me at

1. Press and trim piece (quilt) including the extra inches needed to wrap around the sides of the wood (the depth of the wood plus ½ inch).
2. Lay frame on top of right side of the piece and mark the four corners with pins.
3. Flip piece to wrong side, mark where the pins came through on the wrong side of the piece with a fabric marker or a pencil.
4. Draw a line from left to right going through the dots at the top.
5. Repeat this step for the other dots.
6. Stitch the corner line with a very small stitch for strength.

7. Mark a ¼ inch seam inside each corner and cut it away. Also cut away the batting and the backing fabric to the stitching line to eliminate the bulk.

8. Mark the depth of the wood from each dot at the corners

9. Match the marks from the seam line with the point being the end of the seam. Stitch 3 times for strength.

10. Turn the corners right side out and slip onto frame. It should be a snug fit. If not, sew small seam again just inside the stitching line.
Put onto frame making sure that the corners are aligned.

11. Starting in the center of opposite sides, staple it down, pulling it tight each time. Follow diagrams for stapling order. Staple down to the very end. Trim away any extra fabric.

12. On the opposite side start in the center and staple the same way until you get within an inch of the corner. Fold like a miter and staple down.

13. Fold the corners neatly and staple.
14. You can customize your piece by adding a label to the back.

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