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Monday, August 25, 2008


For quite some time I have been totally in awe of Kaffe Fassett 's colour sense. I had bought one of his knitting books when they first came out and just loved looking at the pics. It was fascinating how he put all of those colours together, so many of them, and so brilliantly.
Imagine then how thrilled I was to learn that he was coming to Perth, of course I have to go to the lecture.
Janie H. Knits in Glen Tay is bringing him to town.This is another place where fibre junkies like me can get a fix. In a lovely stone house Janie has a fabulous shop. The most wonderful fibres can be found here. In my last visit to buy tickets for the Kaffe Fassett lecture I came home with the shawl kit below. The kit is designed by Gita Maria and it is fabulous. The Bandana Fringed Scarf comes with wonderful yarns and a hand made silver enameled "Hug" pin. I couldn't help myself and finished it that very evening. What a wonderful piece to wear when I lecture this fall.

Now to order tickets you can email

My old bed quilt is also a Kaffe Fassett design.
I am back happily creating this week working out some new ideas. Above is my first attempt at creating a mosaic type of piece. Will keep you posted to see how it goes, there are always glitches to work out. Take care!

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