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Thursday, July 24, 2008

ARTWEAR- Kimonos

This kimono pattern by Lois Ericson is one of my favourites and lends itself very well to all kinds of creative ideas. Her patterns are fab as they are full of creative ways to sew up this garment. It comes in all sizes which I love and is easy enough for someone with very little garment making experience. There are ideas for sleeves, closures, pockets ,embellishments, etc,etc,etc.

The pattern is called Kimono Encore and is # 327

I haven't checked out this site as yet but I certainly will. I am assuming that you can order the pattern there.

In this one I pieced some panels and inserted them.

In this one I used an embroidered fabric that had a border print.
One little hint if you are making it out of cotton. I lined the top half of the kimono so that it would be more comfortable to wear. Then it doesn't stick to The top that you are wearing under it.
Now I need to finish the one I started with my other Loose Threads. They are well on their way, check out Wendo and Pat's blogs.
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