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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I just love teaching for many reasons but one of the best is to be able to buy myself new toys once in awhile .
Taking great quality pics of my work for entering competitions and getting work in a gallery has always been a bit of a chore. At first I had it done by a photographer which cost a lot of money.Then I had my brother Bart do it for me and he does an excellent job. It was his pics of my work that got into the March issue of the American Quilter magazine. However he lives two hours away and that can be a bit of a trek especially in the winter.
Also I love a challenge, and now I am ready to do my own pics. To do this I bought this camera last week at Henry's in Kanata. It is a EOS Rebel XSi with a lens that has an image stabalizer.
It has so many features and promises to take amazing pics. In order to really learn all the creative sides of this baby I bought the tutorial below. I can learn it on my own time at at my own speed. Perfect!!!
Now that I have the software all in the computer , I am spending time each day on a new chapter. Wonderful.
Later on when I am ready ,I will take a class to learn how to take the best shots of my work that I can. Bye time to play!!!

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