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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Here it is Sunday a.m., my husband and son are off playing golf, and I am on my computer reflecting on what has been a busy spring. I had to cancel a few things to my regret , as I am still 30 years old in my head but my body is 62. I have promised myself that I would limit what I will book next year but how do you choose?
I love to do the work, and I love to teach. I have just finished two days at The Country Quilter in Richmond where we had such a great time. The project was difficult but by the end of the day, everyone got it. I will post pics of the work as we get nearer to completion.
Below is the result of another workshop that took place in my studio here at home. We are working here on my " Driving in the Country " piece. It is colourful,whimsical and lots of fun. Irene used lots of prints and used a fun buttrfly fabric for her car.
Eleanor came up with some farm animals and a racoon.


Here is some more fun designs to try.

1.To make a zigzag you move your fabric up and down stopping for a couple of stitches to make the point. If you don't stop you will get a wavy line.
2. Stippling is also fun. The object is to quilt the fabric down so you randomly cover it with puzzle like shapes.HINT I don't worry about crossing over lines, if it happens, it happens, who cares anyway.
3. Try making a loop up and then following it with a loop down. if you can't get it on your machine, try it with paper and pencil first.
4. The same goes for the heart shapes.

5. Now we can realy be creative. Try a line of flowers.
6.Try some stars. Make a V shape, go through the middle of the next line,go through the middle of the next line,and then go back to the beginning.
7.Try some shapes all in a row.
8. Now for the most fun, write your name. Give it a few tries until you find out what works for you.
HINT If you don't want the connecting lines to show on your quilt when you are free motioning things like stars, take a few stitches in place when your star is finished, raise your presser foot which disengages the tension, then you can move your fabric to where the next star should be. After you are done then you can cut away all of the connecting lines.


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