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Monday, June 16, 2008


Here we are at the Country Quilter in Richmond starting our first day of the
From Pic To Quilt Class a little over a week ago. The students are using their own pictures to design their own piece of fibre art. Although this may seem dificult at first, and everyone thinks that they have to be able to draw, if you can trace and are willting( I mean willing, it was really hot and steamy on this day) to do a bit of work the results are fabulous as you will see when we have finished our third session.
At first we look at the picture and trace our design onto artist's tracing paper.
This is quite intense as everyone really consentrates on their work. Flowers are always a lovely subject.
How about using your pet as subject matter? If you love your subject you will really be pleased with yourself when the project actually looks like your animal.

Here we are making colour choice to bring the piece to life.
More to come.

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