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Friday, April 4, 2008


Hi all,
I had a lovely visit in Renfrew with members of the guild. Over two days and braving the bad weather ( freezing rain) each person put their own personal touch on my Three Daisies pattern.
This is Barb in the middle of free motioning the daisies down.She is wearing "machingers" one of my personal favourites to help her grip the fabric.
Here she is holding up her piece, almost finished, her dark background is just lovely,reminding me of a summer's eve. Great job!
Debbie's piece is very dramatic as she had chosen a small dark stripe for her background. This contrast really shows up her work. Sometimes free motion quilting offers up a challenge and although several needles were broken, Debbie persevered and continued to work on her piece. It is stunning!

Janet, who graciously hosted me, wanted a soft piece for her bedroom. Almost a free motion newbie, Janet got into the free motion zone and accomplished a great deal through the two days.
As you can see the background is pieced and this is another great way to show off the daisies.
The soft yellow in this lovely quilt really makes it soft and serene.
Janis who loves a bit of sparkle ,chose a soft brown with little shots of shiny sequin like dots all over it. Her choice of handpainted fabric which had a lot of soft brown in it worked beautifully.I can't wait to see the fin ished piece and I hope that she will send me a pic.

Candice was really brave to come and tackle this project as she was a free motion virgin. After a little practise with free motion basics and a quilt sandwich she was away. Her background which changed in colour was a perfect backdrop for her work. Great work!

Bernie's work was absolutely fabulous. She quietly worked away the two days and just look at what she has done. Below is a closeup of her stitching and it is absolutely fabulious!

Also thanks to JoAnn, who came on the second day as she couldn't get out of her house because of the ice. I will go back for a day in May (no ice I hope) to finish up with everyone. It was a lovely two days for me and it always excites me when other people do fabulous things with my pattern. Thanks ladies!!!

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