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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This summer some fabulous fibre friends and I thought that we would get together and paint some fabric.With the help of my DH we set up our garage and I waited for all to come.
Ready for business.
Patricia diving in.
Suzette, Joanne and Patricia hard totally focussed on the techniques.
Marvelous colours came by design and by accident. When delicious shades were created of course we had to share.
The time flew by.
Yvonne is added to the group, and she made marvelous sun prints.
Experimentation was the key to delicious results.
My coloured lawn.
Rayon was an interesting fabric to work with. It will be fun to see what Cathy will make with this batch. At one point she was painting huge pieces.
A finished sun print using sequin waste.Lovely!
We had a wonderful day and were pretty pooped when we were done. Of course I wished that I had taken more pics,especially of our finished pieces.

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