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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pat's Retreat

I spent a wonderful time the weekend before last with a fun group of ladies at Pat's Annual Retreat. I was the "newbie" this time and they all made me very welcome. We come from all different places and our interests varied but we sure had a lot of fun. Each person brought their own projects and we shared information along the way.

This is a detail of a sheep commission. I had decided to bring four pieces to finish and I was ready to sew until my fingers bled or I fell asleep at the machine. Friday night I hit a huge snag. Somewhere along the way I had sewn with bad thread. After finishing the free motion on my animals, I sewed them into the piece , layered the top with batting and backing and proceeded to quilt. First I noticed one small pop as the thread used in piecing the background broke. But not liking to reverse sew I soldiered on. More pops and then I just had to come to terms with the fact that I had to take the whole thing apart. Elaine's fabric is too fabulous to throw in the can. I took it all out that night and then put it away to finish at home. Below is the result of this week's work. It took me a day to iron, pull out the thread and re-quilt it. Now I am happy with the result and it can be delivered this week.

The next day went much better. It must have been the company. I finished my sample for ourLoose Threads Retreat at the Opinicon in Chaffey's Locks the end of next October.We will be learning bobbin work, silk screening on cotton, and lots of embellishing techniques with Wendo ,Pat and I. More to come later.

Below, lots of pics of our fun weekend. I should have made a slide show. Oh well I will tackle that idea another time. More to learn.
My roomie and swimming partner Sally busy at work.

A terrible trouble maker.

Hand and machine at work.

More trouble makers in the corner.
Our resident artist Bonnie Lemaire.
Much fun was had by all. Thanks everyone, I'm in for next year.

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