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Monday, January 18, 2010

Photographing Fibre Art

When it comes time to gather a submission for a show or competition I always agonize over the pics and putting them on a CD. I'm never quite sure how to do it and usually some time has elapsed since the last time , that it's like starting all over again. Heaven forbid that I bought a new camera and the software is now unfamiliar.

My good friend Helga has a husband/photographer, lucky her. She lent him to me to see if I could learn how to take great pics in my house. He came over, we found a good spot and he patiently took me through the steps. Usually the techies ( my brothers) lose me after the first few sentences.

1. First , I have a Canon EOS Rebel Xsi.
2. You need a tripod.
3. Then we have to find the best possible setting on my camera.
4. We set it to AV and David told me to leave it there all of the time.
5. The F setting is F8.0. This is the sweet spot for my camera.
6. Leave the camera at WB ( cloudy) all the time.
7.Check these settings before each shoot.
8.Make sure that your battery is charged. have a second one ready to go.
9. Put your camera on the tripod and center it onto your piece so that that the center of the camera is looking at the dead center of your piece, horizontally and vertically.
10. Use your timer and let it go. Don't touch anything and don't move.

The next day I got some pieces ready using these instructions and it all worked out very well.
Thanks to David.

You can check out his work which is fabulous at

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