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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Visitors from Kemptville

Last Wednesday a group of ladies from Kemptville came out to see me to book some private custom classes in my studio next fall. This is my favourite way to teach. Classes in my studio specifically designed for the students who are coming. It gives me great freedom to take the class wherever they may need to go.

This year Marian, Tracy, Colleen and Lou came to learn how to make my "Tapestry" quilt. Three of them brought their projects with them on this visit and I am pretty pleased with the results. I love it when everyone goes in their own direction and makes their ideas happen. Look below.

Colleen's has a Christmas theme with rich dark colours and fabrics. Poinsettias were her flowers of choice.
Marian went for royal colours reminding me of spring. The waterfall is a lovely touch.
Tracy opted for a medieval horse and lion almost like a coat of arms. A lovely scene was added to the background. 

I am thrilled with all of your ideas and your hard work. Can't wait to see them finished, I just had to give you a sneak peak.

The classes I offer are

1. Beginners free motion
2. Advanced free motion
3. Butterfly project
4. Bobbin work dragonfly
5. From pic to quilt
6. Embellished jeans
7. Little bear
8. Three daisy wall hanging
9.  Funky folk art poster
10. Paint your own fabric
11.Techniques day- here you visit my studio and you decide what I will teach you.
12. Bobbin work
13. Working with sheers
14. Small projects made from your scraps

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