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Friday, February 13, 2009

Commission just finished

I was pretty thrilled when Bev Jackson wanted to buy my "Dragonfly Whimsy " piece. After a chat on the phone she requested a companion piece so that the two of them could hang in her dining room. A commission, hurrah!
I went for a visit to her home so that I could get a sense of the colours that she loved and together we came up with a plan. Bev loves red which is very evident when you enter her lovely home. The colours are rich and inviting especially the chartreusy- yellow -green that is on the walls. 
Beautiful hand dyed fabrics and silks went into the piece as well as silky rayon threads and delicate japanese glass beads put on by hand one by one. The green was repeated with thread, fabric and beads. 
The finished product which looks stunning in it's new home.

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