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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fibreworks Weekend

I was thrilled when Hilary Scanlon invited me to teach at St. Lawrence College in Kington for Fibreworks in November of 2008. We came up with an interesting class and I was on my way prepping and planning. Friday evening we had a trunk show of my work and then the next morning everyone started by designing their own piece.

We started with some basic concepts and then everyone went to their own tables ( each one had two and what a luxury that was) to start making design decisions.

Their were small demos throught out the day as the need arose. Then some wonderful things started to happen. It was amazing how things developed. Each person's personality started to shoe in their work.

First I will apologize right now for any mistakes that I will probably make. Due to life, I am a little late in putting this together and my memory is a bit hazy by times.

Doreen's piece is lovely and whimsical. Her animals are delightful and I should have taken a closeup as well. I hope that she will send me a pic and she has it done.

Simone's fields are full of animals of every kind. She was very clever and strip pieced her colourful field. I am going to remember that trick for my next one.

Jeanne created a village, that could really be out there somewhere. The church even had stained glass windows.

Hilary deep in design thought also had wonderful colours and textures. She was my hostess and I felt pretty special all weekend long.

Marina looking very pleased with her work. It wasn't until later on in the weekend that I learned she was a relative newbie to this approach for fibre art. It is a lovely piece.

My friend and mentor Beth, using lovely bright colours for her piece. This is quite out of the box for this renowned but mostly traditional quilter.

Isn't this Santa Fee piece delicious? The colours are fab and really portray this area of the USA.
Love the train. Susan quietly worked all weekend and then this fab piece was on the wall.

Donna also went for very bright sunset colours in beautiful batik fabrics. What really made this a dramatic piece were the siloettes of the palm trees and the people.

There were lots of consultations throughtout the whole weekend and I came home with some ideas as well.

A few more demos.
Many thanks to all as I had a great time as well. I really love to share what I learn and so appreciate a receptive audience.
There are some more pics in the slide show below. Enjoy!

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