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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A beautiful fall crisp weekend found us, Wendo, Pat and Cathy running a weekend retreat " Fibre Art With The Loose Threads" at the Opinicon Resort Hotel in Chaffey's Locks.
There was much fun had by all but I would like to highlight the work accomplished by the participants.
Jo-Anne found a creative way to fill the organic shape of the hole that she cut out of her piece.

Rosemary also worked out of the box.

Francis brought some of her work done on the embellisher and then added a hole to it.

Helga's painted fabric.

Helen's work in progress.

Pam's hand painted fabric with free motion embroidery.

A lesson on embellishing for Ann.

Janet working incognito , with the embellisher.

More painted fabric.

And a lesson on how to take care of your sewing machine by Eric Simkins from Kingston.
Although we were a motley gruop with varied interests, much learning ,sharing, and fun was had by all. With dinners prepared and no dishes to do it was sewing 24/3.

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