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Saturday, May 24, 2008


I was pretty flattered when I was invited to participate in the Country Lanes Studio Tour. Now to organize and clean up my space.It is fun to hang all of your work up and see which pieces work nicely together.
It's been a busy time with a lot of preparations made for my first studio tour. Above is my worktable, as clean as it gets. There also sits my "CITY CAT" ready to be delivered to the Tampered With Show at Paper Iages Glalery in Picton. My friend Sue is going to take her for me and we are off to Picton to the vernissage next weekend.

One wall of work. My husband maded tiny shelves so that I could put up as much stuff as possible. A little gallery of small pieces. What fun.

Another view, the walls were full so "Driving in the Country" had to be pinned up in front of my sewing stash.

I had two other artist's share space in my home, Chris a glass artist and Wendo my friend the felter.We had a cold rainy weekend with lots of mosquitos. There were a number of people through and I even had a few children trying some free motion. Shuold have taken some pics.
Thoughts: It was fun to meet all of the people who came to see our work but a tour is a lot of work.

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